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Friday, February 29, 2008


Exam-time in IIT Kharagpur can be quite a spectacle.(See the attached photo if you don't believe me!!! This is a few hours away from my English exam).A time when more inviting prospects like gaming(Counter-strike seems to be quite the rage),partying(there's always one on at my hostel,and everyone more or less invites himself),or simply whiling one's time away chatting online;are eschewed in favour of a far more mundane option:dragging yourself in front of your books to study.
I read somewhere that IIT guys have "exceptional test-taking skills" (now what the hell's that supposed to mean?!!!).Some of these aforesaid skills have to have their roots in this monthly ritual of exam-eve cramming that we engage in.As I said,it's quite a spectacle.Guys who would normally greet you boisterously on the stairs("Halloooooo you son of a gun,where have you been??? Now haul your ass downstairs,we're goin' for a bite!") start to behave like tortured war veterans who had their pension cut by the government.They hardly give you a glimpse,and on the rare occasion that they acknowledge your existence,they utter one of the following blasphemies-
1."Hey man....listen do you have the notes given by Professor X? They are supposed to be really cool,you know..."(here,let the reader note that this fellow's views on Professor X remain,to the best of my knowledge,quite utterly unprintable.)
2."Do you know what THEY are saying....topic Y is most likely to turn up in tomorrow's test."(Till date,I have heard no word more likely to strike terror in a guy's heart than that versatile preposition "THEY")
3.(The one I find most offensive) "Say.....have you solved such-and such problem....could you help me out???"(by now he has been showered by a deluge of the choicest 'uns from my side)
You will see these and many more hilarious scenes during the week or so of non-stop cramming.Guys muttering formulae under their breath,carrying absurdly fat books with them everywhere(including the mess),and turning up puffy-eyed,nerves frayed from the impending test.I am yet to meet a person who is immune to examophobia.It is something which seems to strike terror in the very best of us.Perhaps one of my friends,who has a delightfully simplistic turn of phrase,put it best when he said"You don't understand AMJ,it's not the exams which scare me,it's just the results!"

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