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Monday, March 10, 2008


You came to life from the throes of a dream,

And wiped the tears off my face.

Like the healing touch of a holy stream,

You washed away the devil's trace.

Your smile lit up my dreary days,

And rescued me from the depths of hell.

Gone forever were the wayward ways,

But for you.....I wouldn't live to tell.

Nothing can replace the touch of your hand,

Like the gentle breeze running through my hair.

Or the way you used to make me laugh,

When the chips were down,when life wasn't fair.

Oh! To feel that sweet caress again....

I would readily cross the seven seas.

Spare me the suffering and the pain,

My destiny has brought me to my knees.

And what am I without you now?

Less alive than the faintest ghost.

I have loved and lost,and I don't know how

To bring back that which I loved the most.

I continue to post many ways this blog is turning into my stress-buster......a sort of a purgatory.

Lots of love......


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